Because of Them, We Press Forward!

Bishop RP Johnson was raised in Summerton, SC.  The Director of Wisdom & Founder of The Open Door Church of The Lord Jesus Christ, Bellport, New York was always about helping others from his youth.  “Help Me To Help Somebody” was a word that he shared with all that were blessed to speak with him.  Bishop Johnson believed in the youth and encouraged them daily to be the best they could, and would be!!  Even while bed ridden due to diabetes, so many young people would find themselves stopping by to visit with Bishop for hours on end to tell him their problems. They knew it was only them & Bishop, and they could tell him anything.  He believed that the youth are our future, and we need to help them get there.  He may have left us, but his spirit lives on in our hearts, and in our communities.  There is not one young person that has met Bishop that can ever forget his love for them, and how he has touched their lives.  He told us to keep God first, and keep pressing towards the mark to help change lives. The power of his wisdom and love is present with us now.

Mourning Sister Mother Geneva Johnson was a mother to all. She was married to Bishop R.P. Johnson for 51 years before she went on to glory, and knew as her husband did, that the youth are so very important. She would take your hand in hers and say "Hunny it will be alright" even when meeting you for the first time. All the youth knew that they could talk to Mother Johnson, and that whatever they shared would go no further- except to God in prayer. You were assured that her prayers would get through. The love & encouragement that she bestowed upon the youth was present at all times. As with Bishop, not one person that was graced to meet Mother can ever forget her touch on their lives and her love up to this day. Mother Johnson always believed in education, and that "Every Child Is A Star"- which is the motto at the school named in her memory, MGJA. She let her children know- when God takes me home, do not receive flowers on my behalf, give the funds to the youth to continue the work. She is still blessing us in Alcolu, South Carolina today.

Sister Roberta “Birdie” Leader, the usher of ushers, the neighborhood mother from New York to South Carolina to Florida- your children, were her children. Ma Leader, Grandma Leader, Big Mamma- affectionately was just some of the names she was called, or simply just Ma from the youth that were blessed enough to meet Sister Leader.  From a young age of 14 years, Sister Leader worked in a daycare to be closest to her passion- the youth.  Prison ministry was a great part of her life, her letters reached so many and changed so many lives. Her smile alone welcomed you, and there was nothing that she would not do to encourage young people.  She would do all that she could to make sure that the ARD Project was completed. Sister Leader went on to glory due to complications of Breast Cancer and we are still working to complete the project. We know she is still here with us. Birdie’s Nesting Place is an extension of Sister Leader and what she stood for- always helping others.  This is a home for Cancer & Lupus patients that need pampering, and their caregivers. Birdie’s Angels help do the same outreach. Even through her illness, she continued to help. She would always say “Anyway You Bless Me Lord, I'll Be Satisfied”. She is such a driving force in working to complete the ARD project that will change a community & preserve our future- the youth. Even in death, Roberta “Birdie” Leader lives... Fly Birdie Fly.

Happening Now!!

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