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The ARD Project is all about changing lives within communities.  We look to empower and give a charge from the youngest to the oldest to be the best that you can be.  We can change the world one community at a time.  Please view this website, see all that we are doing, and all we are about to do and tell us what you see in the future.

Take the Alcolu Challenge, we need one million people to give seven dollars to help change lives.  Your seven dollars will help save a school that saves lives daily and  shelter abused female veterans and single moms  & their children. Your seven dollars will also help care for and pamper cancer & lupus patients as well as build a travel center & hotel to create jobs and save not just one community, but communities around the world.  Be a part of the Alcolu Revitalization District Project (ARD).  Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.  We need your help! Become a partner or Click "donate" now!!

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