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Pink Boot  Movement (PBM) is a movement to house Homeless Female Veterans & their children and give a helping hand to the women that have put their lives on the line for our country daily.  They have risked it all to help us and now it's time to return the favor. They need your help.  We have started with a fourteen bed transitional home that will meet the needs of veterans, and put them back on their feet while they prepare to get their lives back in order. The house is complete, but is in need of furniture and to be made handicapped accessible before we can welcome our Veterans.


Once the transitional housing is operational with Veterans in the house, the V.A. provides corollary subsidy known as the "Per Diem Program" which makes funds available primarily to meet the daily nutritional, hygienic, and medical needs for the veterans.  The per diem subsidy also pays a monthly charge for the cost of housing and otherwise assisting the veterans with special  needs, i.e. trips to the doctor or hospital, or any local store to purchase their needed hygiene items.  


The monthly payment to the owner also covers the cost of locating and making referrals to the other service agencies on behalf of the Veterans; for example, transporting the veterans to the local Department of Social Services (DSS) to discover and obtain any benefits for which the veterans may be eligible.


V.A. grant funds have already been approved, the first 14 bed home and 15 passenger van are already in place.


When you help support this movement, you will be giving back to those who gave everything for us. Below watch the CEO of HFCDC explain why we need your help to move forward. 



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