A Village That Cares, Coming Soon!!

Have Faith Community Development Corporation (HFCDC) is developing a permanent supportive housing village, Peace of Paradise (POP) Village.  POP Village will provide transitional and permanent supportive housing for homeless, Disabled Veterans, seniors and foster children.


Currently POP Village development includes construction of the infrastructure for the subdivision and a (1) 14 bed "Transitional" housing unit  designed to house veterans with spouses and/or dependent children.  Because this housing is transitional in nature, design in purpose, this unit would be owned and operated by HFCDC and its staff so as to focus its resources and ministry tools on the objective of preparing the veterans to transition out of the units into either Residential Care Facilities or permanent housing, i.e. "Affordable" condominiums or traditional single family homes.  


Veterans, seniors citizens, homeless, and persons declared totally disabled are all members of the company's target population for recruitment and ultimately placement in the POP Village. HFCDC expects all members will bring with them Medicare, social security, disability, or V.A. benefits to supplement the Per Diem or other rental assistance benefits they will receive by virtue of their placement in the company's Village.

Happening Now!!

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