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Melissa J. Shea has been the President of the Long Island Real Estate Investor Association (LIREIA) and Everyday Capital, LLC since November of 2007.  The organization has been in existence since 2001.  She has been a successful small business owner since 1996 and real estate investor since 2004.


Melissa is active in the real estate educational world outside of the LIREIA as well, hosting educational seminars on how to structure and finance deals and rehabbing distressed properties, as well as financial education for both adults and children.


As the lead instructor of Mentoring Masterminds, her goal is to motivate individuals to attain financial freedom through real estate investing. She is a licensed NY Real Estate Broker and has experience in negotiating short sales and working with homeowners facing foreclosure and assisting homeowners to stay in their homes.


Melissa began investing in real estate in May of 2004, by 2009 acquired a portfolio of over 360 rental units mainly in the Alabama and Mississippi areas. In addition Melissa has experience in purchasing private notes, brokering private money, raising over $20 Million in capital for real estate, overseen and operated a property management company, wholesaled over 100 different contracts, as well as managed over 300 rehabs.  


Since 2006 Melissa has been an advocate of emergency housing for victims of domestic abuse and for those disabled throughout Long Island, NY, and Birmingham, Alabama and South Carolina by providing housing, food and weekly house meetings.  Melissa lives in Suffolk County with her husband John and is a mother of eight children and believes in living life in all area of live abundantly.


Melissa has been a blessing to Have Faith CDC, and continues to assist with the expansion of the Alcolu Revitalization Project.


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