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Over seventeen years ago, God showed Bishop D.J.L. Johnson, CEO of Have Faith Community Development Corporation (HFCDC) a 501(c)3, acres and acres of land.  What Bishop and Sister Johnson did not know was where this particular land was located. After  contemplating expanding and making a difference in Florida or New York, Alcolu, South Carolina, which was not on the map, would soon become the place of refuge that God intended. The old Georgia Pacific building on Highway 521 was the beginning of it all. They thought this could be a place for seniors or veterans, but what they saw in a vision were rooms full of children. It began with the Lighthouse Enrichment Afterschool Program (LEAP) and then the Mother Geneva Johnson Academy (MGJA).


The next phase of development began with the revitalization of an old mill house now known as the Lighthouse, which is a haven for all. They have been rescuing women and children who have been raped, molested and abused, making a difference in the lives of many. HFCDC has built homes for women and children, a home for homeless female veterans and their children, a respite home for cancer survivors and their caregivers, and a K-12 community school.  Up to 1000 acres of land has been acquired, jobs have been created, and the vision continues.


The community transformation continues with the relentless dedication of countless volunteers who have been rescued by Have Faith Community Development Corporation, with a purpose-to continue the rebuilding of lives, and the community.


Have Faith Community Development Corporation (HFCDC) was formed in 2003 to operate exclusively for charitable, educational and civic purposes and objectives which include, but are not limited to, improving the living conditions of residents primarily in Clarendon County, South Carolina, but to a lesser extent of residents living in the surrounding counties of Sumter, Lee and Kershaw. 

HFCDC was also formed to facilitate neighborhood and community development and revitalization projects. The Alcolu Revitalization District Project, which began in May 2004, is a 1000 acre mixed use project that will empower thousands of people in Clarendon County, South Carolina.


The goals of the project are:


  ~Provide a community structure that has a positive impact on each person's development and ability to contribute to their families and others.
   ~Provide a complete spectrum of educational opportunities that prepare youth to meet the challenges of the ever-increasing knowledge economy, and enable the current adult population to remain competitive in the workplace.
   ~Provide opportunities for low-to-moderate income families and individuals to participate in home ownership or suitable alternatives; and to develop inexpensive and reliable public transportation to assist residents daily.
   ~To stimulate growth of the area's economy by recruiting more technology-related business and industry with the result being higher-paying jobs and improved quality of life for residents.

Want to know more about Have Faith CDC and our projects? View our website to read and see the work we have done so far, and our plans for the future. Do you like what we do, and want to know what you can do to help? Call  (803)473-5573.  Our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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